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Jesus is our Rabbi and Savior. Find out why and read about our ministry's vision and philosophy.

Ray VaderLaan That The World May Know Ministries

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Our website’s Resources link to an archive of sermons given at our church and to other ministries doing the Lord’s work. In addition, you will find inspiration in the words of Scotti’s Poems and you can sign up for our Chronicles of Calvary e-newsletter.

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World Challenge, Inc. was founded by Reverend David Wilkerson in 1971. It serves as a corporate umbrella for Reverend Wilkerson’s crusades, minister conferences, book and tract publishing, video production, street evangelism, literature distribution, feeding programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and other charitable outreaches. He remains president of World Challenge, Inc. which has a mailing list to hundreds of thousands of people who regularly receive copies of his sermons and ministry updates.

David Wilkerson

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According to Jesus, there is a family of people who truly love God and each other. Their sincere love identifies them as being destined for heaven (see Matt. 25:31-46). The ministry of Heaven's Family is built on those facts, and is a love-link between members of God's family. Through three divisions—Orphan's Tear, I was Hungry, and Shepherd Serve—Heaven's Family is working around the world to care for widows and orphans, meet pressing needs, and equip Christian leaders with tools for the harvest.

David Servant

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